Restage “CAMP”aign

Soooooo, I have been looking (and looking) for THEE perfect camper. I needed something small and lightweight so I could pull with my CRV and also something that had lots of vintage charm and character. Well, after a ton of research and looking I found her!!  After I found her….and isn’t she cuuuuuute?  I plan on using her as my Vintage Mobile Marketing Machine and I’ll be taking it to concerts in the park and community festivals. I don’t plan on shoving real estate down anyones throats at these events, rather “just be”. I’ll have my lemonade and cookies and anyone that stops by for a cookie will naturally gravitate toward the fun setting and welcomed atmosphere and they will have an opportunity to hang out and enjoy some time together. After I found her I thought it would be fun to run a Restate “CAMP”aign…get it?  Camp…aign?  Anyway, I put this out on my facebook page and decided to roll out part #1 with a naming contest. After all, she needs a name!  I had a lot of interaction and a ton of great names but the winner came from some random dude at Charlies Gas Station in Merrimac. That’s right, he wasn’t even on my facebook page! The story goes like this…I stopped at the convenient store to get some snacks for my son and his friend and I had a few people come over and compliment me on the camper and while they were admiring it, I told them that I was looking for a name.  Completely out of nowhere, some guy with Illinois plates pops his head over his truck as he’s fueling up and yells “how about Sella…….Stellabration!” My jaw dropped to the ground as I pointed my finger and this guy and I said “That’s it!  I think some random guy with Illinois plates just named my camper!”  And so it stuck…Stella it is. Ironically, that was my husbands Grandma’s name and a potential name for a girl if we had a daughter some day.  Such a crazy story but I absolutely love it and it’s perrrrrrrfect!

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