Restate “CAMP” aign part 3

The cushions (sigh)….these have been on my mind since day #1.  The cushions were in decent shape but the fabric was forest green and I just absolutely couldn’t see past it.  Even though the foam were in decent shape, I still couldn’t stomach knowing who, what, when where and why they were on them so I pulled the trigger and bought custom foam to fit this specific camper.  When they arrived, they were naked, which I knew. The factory choices were pretty dull so I risked it in hopes I can find a person who can make new custom made covers BUT I needed a color. So, once again, I reached out to Facebook and Instagram and asked for suggestions. To much surprise, I had a lot of suggestions and there were not a lot of consistent matches.  Soooooo, I’m still undecided and continue to look at the fabric stores until something grabs my attention.  This is one thing I really want to get right the first time…wish me luck.

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